Results Factory is a marketing agency focusing on lead generation for Logistics.
Results Factory is a marketing agency focusing on lead generation for Logistics. Our company concentrates on delivering results for your firm, particularly within the changing business environment and current market trends. Our leadership at Results Factory has immense experience in the industry. Our key focus has been to examine the trucking industry's challenges and establish strategies that address your firm's possible shortcomings. Now, we know exactly what you need, how, and exactly where to look for leads.
At Results Factory, we deliver RESULT INSTEAD OF PROMISES.
We give you an inevitable result that is valid for the present time and the modern market. Studies have shown that 97% of consumers use the internet in the current global consumption environment, and developing strategies that capture modern digitalization is the future of business operations. To help your trucking business grow sustainably, you need internal workforce sustainability with employees that deliver to your set targets. We seek to provide your desired goals through our tailor-made digital marketing and lead generations services and help build your firm into a reputable brand in the trucking industry.

Results Factory provides trucking companies with refuting the creating compelling message to
a prospective candidate, setting up call tracking that will bring them better leads, and analyzing
the comprehensive benefits packages you provide to drivers.
Shipping is an essential part of a thriving economy, and this massive industry has enjoyed steady growth in the past few years. However, with changes in the industry's models and environmental factors, the industry faces its share of challenges that include lowering shipments, driver shortages, and increased tariffs. In many cases, only the smaller trucking firms are bearing the cost of these difficulties. For instance, with the digitalization of shipments and growth in e-commerce, suppliers have adopted new shipping models leaving out trucking companies that stick to outdated marketing strategies that include employee attractiveness.
The logistics industry is currently facing severe challenges due to a shortage of truck drivers, a crisis which the Results Factory seeks to help you avoid. According to the American Freight Association (ATA), there was a shortage of 60,800 drivers in the industry in 2018. Left unchecked, that shortage could swell to more than 160,000 drivers nationally by 2028.
We can help you control and increase the number of truck drivers. Driver turnover has emerged as a huge problem in the industry, with an average annual rate of around 100%. Equally, there is a vast shortage of skilled drivers, leading to a lower trade speed. The Results Factory will help you in truck recruiting through improvements in your firm's employee attractiveness and the overall market presence.
While the shortage of truck drivers is a huge problem today, competency in the digital space is another crucial feature towards attracting skilled drivers. Our assessment establishes that most trucking companies are ill-equipped in utilizing digital tools in the quest to reach potential drivers. Our company focuses on establishing and managing your firm's digital presence to boost employee attractiveness and the overall recruiting strategy. We consult with each company on whether to focus on salaries, benefits, or anything else that will help them stand out among qualified potential candidates.
According to Statista, the total revenue of the U.S trucking industry was 791.7bn USD in 2019.
The number of heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers is 848,030, their average wage cost per mile is 0.53 USD, and the average cost per hour of driver benefits is 6.31 USD.
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